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RMSRV Control for iPad®

The RMSRV Control app is a Microsoft Windows® service control manager for servers or member computers in a Windows® domain. The tool supports iOS 5.1, so that is also usable on iPad® hardware which is not compatible with iOS 6. The service management interface contains controlling the services up to changing the service configuration in a low level without installing programs on the desired machines. No additional installation is needed on the computer, which should be controlled. The servers to administrate can be grouped. The tool inherits a Windows® computer browser for easier finding machines of interest. Servers which are not in running state can be started by Wake On LAN or contacting a VMWare® virtual machine host.

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  • integrated Windows® Computer Browser
  • secure connection to WindowsNT® based computers
  • controlling, monitoring, configuring or deleting Windows® services
  • server connections via administration groups
  • creation of monitoring groups for bulk service controlling
  • support of iPad® running iOS 5.1 and higher
  • starting computers using Wake On LAN or direct request to VMWare® machine host
  • support of reboot and shutdown computers
  • no additional installation required on the server, which should be controlled
  • no inapp purchase, no hidden costs
  • no commercial banners

Using RMSRV Control for iPad™

To use the RMSRV Control app you have to add a Windows® computer to the computer list. At least the servername and the credentials (username and password) of an administrator must be provided. Only privileged accounts (Local Administrator, Domain Administrator, Server Operator, etc.) can control the Windows® services or shutdown/reboot a computer in a Windows® domain.

If the computer is running on a virtual machine host based on VMWare® the computer can be started with a request directly to the virtual machine host.

After providing the connetion data and user credentials the Windows® services can be controlled and configured. The machine can also be rebooted and started by the tool.

The Windows® services can be grouped to monitor groups. If some services are not working properly, the group icon shows an error and the whole group can be restarted by one click.

Some applications might want to install some additional software on the computer which should be controlled. This is done to bypass the standard network remote management protocols. Such a workflow we do not support because this means a security issue in the network. Our applications use exclusively standard Windows® protocols which must authenticate to the computer. So the communication is always secure. Even the VMWare® is a secured connection.

A demo video related to the app is available.

Software Requirements of iPad®

  • iPad® with min. iOS 8


Software Requirements of controllable machines

  • support of all Microsoft® Operating Systems based on WindowsNT™


Software Requirements of VMWare® host machines

  • VMWare® Workstation 8.0 and higher
  • VMWare® ESX® Server
  • VMWare® vSphere® Server