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RMSRV Reboot for iPhone® without Windows® Domain

If the RMSRV Reboot is used in an environment without a Windows® Domain the remote reboot and shutdown features are disabled by the Windows® Operating System. These remote functions are not designed for usage in a workgroup environment.

To workaround this problem please open on the machines which should be controlled the registry editor regedit.exe.

Navigate now to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Policies\ System

If a value REG_DWORD value named "LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy" exists, please change the value to 1. If the value does not exist, please create it.

As an alternative you can download the file and extract the file LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy.reg file within. Double click on the reg file saved. The value will then be written automatically. As default a security warning will be shown on the screen after double clicking the file. This is the default behaviour.


Please be careful while using the Windows® Registry Editor. Be sure that you only modify the keys and values as described. Changing or deleting other keys and values may damage the system.