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Software Development for Mobile Devices

Due to the possibility to use mobile devices like iPhone® or iPad® a great number of administrators of Microsoft Windows® based networks have the ability to use small devices which are connected to local WiFi network for their daily administration tasks. One of our goals is providing an administration suite using Apple® Mobile Devices. There is more to come...

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RMSRV Control for iPad®

The RMSRV Control app is a Microsoft Windows® service control manager for servers or member computers in a Windows® domain. The tool supports iOS 5.1, so that is also usable on iPad® hardware which is not compatible with iOS 6. The service management interface contains controlling the services up to changing the service configuration in a low level without installing programs on the desired machines. No additional installation is needed on the computer, which should be controlled. The servers to administrate can be grouped. The tool inherits a Windows® computer browser for easier finding machines of interest. Servers which are not in running state can be started by Wake On Lan or contacting a VMWare® virtual machine host...

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RMSRV Reboot for iPhone®

The RMSRV Reboot app is a compact shutdown and reboot helper for servers or member computers in a Windows® domain, Apple® Mac® computers or Linux based computers using an iPhone® device. In addition to the reboot and shutdown capabilities the tool is able to start a computer via Wake On LAN capability. Machines which are running on virtual machine hosts don't support Wake On Lan . For this purpose the app can connect to the VMware® based machine host to do a startup request directly. On Windows® based computers no additional installation is needed. Apple® Mac® or Linux based computers must provide a SSH server. Like the professional RMSRV Control app the tool also inherits a Windows® computer browser and a computer/ computergroup management...

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